Privacy Policy

UltraBlock is a browser extension that detects and blocks ads, invisible trackers and third-party cookies. It makes websites load faster, more secure and protects your privacy. This is why this section is very important for you and to us.

In this privacy policy page we'll explain what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use it. We'll try to do this in the most transparent and easiest way to understand. Feel free to contact us at or via our contact form at any time.

UltraBlock offers a website (this website) and a browser extension. For the sake of clarity, we have created two small chapters for them. In each chapter we describe what information we collect and how we use this information. By using this website or our browser extension, you consent to the collection and use of this information so read these chapters carefully.

Information collected by our websites

Our websites (this website and its sub-domains) don't use any analytics tools, trackers or other third party services to track you. It wouldn't make any sense because our extension would block it anyway. We do however capture information when you visit our website. The information we collect is limited to the:

  • Date and time of your visit
  • Pages that you visit on
  • User-agent of your browser
  • IP Address of your computer
  • An unique ID (random generated MD5 hash) to remember you
  • Referring website (website were you came from)

When you visit our website we place a cookie on your computer to keep track of your sessions. In this cookie we also store an unique ID to identify returning visitors, measure conversions and for general statistics. We use this information to get a sense of who our users are, what they are interested in and how we can improve our website and extension. IP-addresses are solely collected for geo location purposes but only on city level or higher (city, country, continent). We don't store any personal information unless you enter your name, address and contact details on our website manually.

Information collected by our extension

There are two different levels of sharing information with UltraBlock. When you use our browser extension you can choose how much information you want to share. We ask if you want to share 'result data' or not during the installation of our extension. There is no obligation to share this with us, and if you do you can always withdraw your consent. The following two sections will explain what information is shared with UltraBlock and why.

Information collected when you don't want to 'share result data'

If you don't share 'result data' from UltraBlock with us you will still share some information but this is the 'bare minimum'. This 'bare minimum' of information is the information needed to let UltraBlock work. UltraBlock will update it's list with trackers each day and get the number of trackers detected in the website you're visiting. The 'bare minimum' information that UltraBlock needs to work is:

  • Date and time of each request
  • IP Address of your computer
  • An unique ID (random generated MD5 hash) to remember you
  • Hostname visited to get the number of trackers detected in the website

We use the ID, date, time, and number of requests to get a sense of how our users are using UltraBlock, to block crawlers and for general statistics. The IP-addresses are solely collected for geo location purposes but only on city level or higher (city, country, continent). We use the hostnames visited to make traffic estimations for websites, ads and trackers so we can calculate how large the reach of each tracker or ad is.

Information collected when you do want to 'share result data'

By sharing UltraBlock 'result data' with us you help us to find new hostnames used by ads and trackers and third-party cookies. We use this information to maintain and extend our database with known ads and trackers. If you block an ad or tracker manually in UltraBlock and share your result data with us you help to build a list with unnecessary services. The list with unnecessary services is distributed to all UltraBlock user. The information we collect is the same as with the 'bare minimum' (see above) but extended with:

  • Pages (URL) on what ads and trackers are loaded
  • Services identified by UltraBlock
  • Hostnames and domain names of trackers and ads identified by UltraBlock
  • Cookies (names and values) set by each website, tracker or ad
  • Frames and their target information loaded by each website
  • Timestamps of each page, service, hostname, frame and cookie
  • Element types set by each hostname (images, scripts, fonts, etc)

You can withdraw your consent by unchecking the checkbox that says 'Share your data with UltraBlock' in the settings screen of the extension.

To be clear, when you choose to share information with us, the list of attributes we collect is not about you. It’s about the ads and trackers that we want to find and monitor. The only way we will collect this tracker information is if you choose to share your information with us.


Information collected by UltraBlock is stored at OVH Hosting in Canada and will be maintained for a length of time appropriate to our needs. UltraBlock takes the protection of data very seriously and will always offer you its services with your privacy in mind. Although we make good faith efforts to store data collected by UltraBlock in a secure operating environment, we cannot guarantee complete security.

UltraBlock uses HTTPS by default for all communication. This means that your browser and the extension communicate with UltraBlock using a secure connection, as indicated by the "https" rather than "http". This makes the communication between your browser, the extension and UltraBlock servers more secure.

If you share your data with UltraBlock the results are not only transferred using HTTPS but are also encrypted. When the UltraBlock extension sends data to UltraBlock we encrypt the data using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES is the first (and only) publicly accessible cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret data.

Children’s Privacy

This website and our browser extension are not directed at and not targeted to children. If you have not reached the age of majority or are not able to enter into legally binding agreements in your country, you may not use this Website or browser extenstion. Our goal is to comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to collection and use of information from children as defined by applicable laws. If you believe that we have received information from a child or other person protected under such laws, please contact us at or via our contact form.

Access to data

We provide you with reasonable access to your data so you can correct or delete it. To process this request, contact us at or via our contact form. Please note that we may decline to process requests.

If you have any questions or remarks feel free to contact us at or via our contact form at any time.