Block Ads, Trackers and Third Party Cookies

Sorry, the UltraBlock extension is only available for Chrome browsers.

UltraBlock is a browser extension that protects your privacy by blocking ads, invisible trackers and third-party cookies. It makes websites load super fast and more secure.

Speed up your browser

Commercial websites use tools to profile and track you to optimize conversions. UltraBlock automatically blocks ads and trackers making websites load faster.

Protect your privacy

UltraBlock gives advertisers a hard time to track you. We block trackers, third-party cookies, rotate user-agents and clear your browser cache if needed.

Remove third-party cookies

Advertisers place cookies on your computer with the purpose to track you. UltraBlock removes third-party cookies from your computer after each visit.

See who is tracking you

UltraBlock maintains a crowed sourced database with 1.723 trackers. Our extension shows exactly what invisible trackers are loaded in the background.

Take control of trackers

With UltraBlock you can manually or automatically block all trackers. You are in control of what is being loaded in the background.

See what's loaded

UltraBlock shows you exactly what is loaded in the background. Discover what hostname loaded a script, image or tried to place cookies on your device.

Block ads, trackers and third-party cookies for secure and fast browsing.

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