Block ads, trackers and remove cookies

UltraBlock is an adblock extension that protects your privacy by blocking ads, invisible trackers and third-party cookies. It makes websites load super-fast and more secure.

Block ads and trackers

UltraBlock automatically blocks all ads and trackers while you surf the web. You can also block services manually on a specific site or on every site. Take control of what is loaded!

Remove third-party cookies

Advertisers place cookies on your computer with the purpose to track you. UltraBlock removes third-party cookies from your computer after each visit.

Protect your privacy

UltraBlock makes it very hard for companies to track and profile you. UltraBlock removes the referrer headers, implements DNT, rotates user-agents and clears your browser cache.

Ad and tracker database

UltraBlock maintains a database with 1.723 hostnames from ads and trackers. We show what companies load ads and track you by listing them for each website you visit.

Hosting country

We capture the IP address of each tracker that is loaded by a website. This reveals the geolocation and tells you in what country your (personal) data is stored.

Speed up your browser

Commercial websites use tools to profile and track you to optimize conversions. UltraBlock automatically blocks everything making websites load over 55% faster.

browser installations word wide
hostnames of ads and trackers identified
Third-party services identified
* Total number of installations for all browsers since July 2017.

Adblock for all popular browsers

UltraBlock is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge and FireFox. Install UltraBlock to block ads, trackers and third-party cookies for secure and fast browsing.