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Do Not Track (DNT) header

Do Not Track (or DNT for short) is a browser setting that requests that a website does not track the user. When Do Not Track is turned on your browser sends an extra request header to stop tracking your activity. Do Not Track is a way to keep users online behavior from being tracked across the Internet by advertisers, analytics companies and social media websites.

What is a (third party) cookie

A cookie is a small file that a website places on your computer to store information. Websites use cookies to store visitor information like your email address, user id and preferences. This saves the visitor the throuble of entering his email address each visit. Cookies also help website to identify returning visitors and keep track of them.

Block ads, trackers and third party cookies

I've been a programmer for many years and know a lot about data and marketing. Because I was shocked by the huge number of trackers in average websites I decided to create UltraBlock. UltraBlock is the most aggressive ad, tracker and cookie blocker on the planet.